Home Insurance

Home Insurance

As a homeowner in New York you have many responsibilities, such as keeping up the appearance of your home and property, paying your taxes, and maintaining home insurance. Owning a home is something to be proud of, but no said it would be easy. Central New York Agency wants to help take some of the pressure off by giving you the opportunity to save money on home insurance. As your independent insurance agent, we are able to give you competitive quotes from multiple big names in the insurance industry.

Home Insurance Coverage in New York

Homeowners insurance protects you from the financial loss of damage to your home. The repairs to your home arising from fire, hail, lightening, and hurricane damage may be covered by your home insurance policy. Your home insurance might also pay to replace damaged personal belongings within your home due to these types of disasters, up to the limits of your policy. At Central New York Agency, we want you to have the best protection you can obtain at an affordable price. Our agents can help you choose the coverage options and deductibles that are suitable for your home and your budget.

What Else is Covered by Home Insurance?

Home insurance policies usually have provisions for liability coverage. This type of protection may pay for attorney fees and court awards if you are sued for causing injury or damage to a person or the person's property. Additionally, home insurance sometimes pays for your living expenses if you cannot stay in your home during repairs stemming from a covered disaster.

Get the most home insurance coverage for your money by obtaining a live comparative quote online from Central New York Agency. Contact us today and our agents will be glad to help you find the policy that is right for your home.

Renters Insurance

Owning property in New York can be very lucrative, but ensuring the safety of your renters is essential. Knowing the types of insurance coverage that will protect your investment while complying with local and state regulations will assist in avoiding penalties. Working with our independent agency can save time and money. Central New York Agency is always accessible and ready to help, providing you with information on quotes, policies and the answers to any questions you may have.

As a property owner, one of the best policies you can obtain is a dwelling fire insurance policy. This coverage protects your tenants and building during the circumstances that arise after a fire, applies to smoke and wind damage and other inclement weather conditions that may occur. The policy provisions may include explosions and vandalism, and may be added as an addendum for extra protection. Things happen every single day, so having confidence in your insurance coverage is key.

Our agents at Central New York Agency understand the intricacies of policies designed to provide coverage for property owners and can provide the education and background needed to make those hard, conscious decisions. We work will our clients to broaden their scope and mindset to expand beyond a “standard” coverage and focus on the type of insurance policy that will meet all their needs. Don’t take the chance of putting your tenants or investment property at risk! Even with your tenants having individual insurance policies to cover their belongings, it’s always better to have a dwelling fire insurance policy to cover those incidentals you may have not even though of.

Working with Central New York Agency will be well worth your time and effort. Call our agents to see how we can provide the right solution!