Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you are in search of life insurance in New York, we welcome you to learn more about the Central New York Agency. While some insurance agencies have “captive agents”, agents who can only sell the products of the one company they represent, we are an independent agency in New York. That gives us the option of searching multiple insurance providers, seeking the life insurance coverage that is affordable for you.

There are many choices involved in life insurance properties, but coverage falls into two main categories. There is Whole Life Insurance and there is Term Insurance.

Term insurance covers the life of the insured for a specific amount of time, or term. This type of insurance is terrific for covering young families while they have large mortgages and want to protect the futures of young children. This type of insurance is more affordable than other forms of insurance, making it possible for those on a budget to get the coverage they need.

Whole Life insurance will cover the insured as long as premium payments continue to be made. While this type of insurance is more expensive on a per-thousand basis than term, it does build cash value as time goes by. This works as an additional financial asset you are building that can be tapped into for emergencies or opportunities.

It is important to remember that both term and whole life insurance is less expensive the younger you are when you purchase it. There is not a better time to buy it than now. If you would like us to get you a competitive life insurance quote, contact Central New York Agency today. We are a full-service independent insurance agency that can assist you with all of your personal insurance needs. For an easy, online comparative quote on your auto or homeowners insurance, visit our website.